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In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists a peculiar phenomenon known only to a select few: the Mentl Nomads. These 500 individuals, scattered across the cosmos of interconnected neural pathways, each possess extraordinary minds capable of envisioning grand projects and intricate designs. However, their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness—their boundless creativity often leads them to wander aimlessly, flying from one idea to the next without ever completing what they start.

These 500 mentl nomads are all searching for the illusive Focus Stone. The one who possess the Focus Stone will be given the power to help unlock others trapped in the endless abyss of the unfinished.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where I want to take Mentl Nomads. I have a lot of great ideas and concepts that I are working on, searching for my own Focus Stone.

1. Launch

Mentl Nomads Season 1 will launch with 500 uniquely generated characters with varying rarity on the SEI v2 Blockchain.

2. Community Giveaway

Upon launch there will be special giveaways for the holder of The Focus Stone NFT, top holders and active community members, these giveaways will be unique 1:1 items in both digital and physical form

3. Merchandise Drop

In line with launch Mentl Nomads will have limited edition apparel and artwork available so you can showcase your nomad and your story.

4. Evolution

Mentl Nomad the brand is an onchain nomad, exploring different chains and breaking down the walls of the previous cycles cult like dedications to a single chain. The future is multi chain.

5. Future Drops

Future drops will introduce collaborations with other artists, new chains, new characters, colors, expressions and a furthering of connecting the digital and physical worlds.


Rarity levels factor in body shape, wing shape along with several other traits. There are only 7 Unfinished and 1 Focus Stone.

Basic; Flappy, Delta, Soaring
Big; Flappy, Delta, Soaring
Egg; Flappy, Delta, Soaring
The Focus Stone


I'm Will Blonna, a full time product designer based in Denver with a side passion for creating digital art. I created the Mentl Nomad brand as a way to escape the normal confines of client driven work and share my thoughts around mental health, focus, creativity and try to start a conversation with others through my art.

When I'm not designing, you can either find me in the kitchen experimenting and creating, in my garden talking to my plants, or on the baseball field living out childhood dreams.

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